The Art of Decompression 2013



  Funded Art


In Tension We Trust - Michael Garcia

The inspiration for this project is found most directly in Needle Tower, a sculpture in Seattle. At it's more fundamental level, though, this type of construction gets at the eternal struggle of people pushing each other apart and pulling each other together. The concept of tensegrity, since it's first description in the 1950's, has since been applied to everything from protein folding to sociological theory. The separation of the elements of pure tension and pure compression elucidates the forces that allow such an improbable object to exist in a semi-stable state of equilibrium. This has implications for how we think about relationships, communities, as well as our place in the universe.

Juxtaposeur - Bill Dambrova

The purpose of this project is to give people a chance to make an interesting entrance!
When you drive into Gateway Ranch one of the first things you see is a parked Limousine at the greeter station.
Newcomers to the event have the option put on costumes and enter the driver side of the existing Limousine and come out on the other side making a stylish, fabulous entrance to the party complete with red carpet welcome full of flashing paparazzi style flash bulbs and photographers.

Temple of Resonance - Shane Brandolini and Craig Cooper

The Temple, shaped like a pyramid, will be an art space for participants to chillout in and converse. In the daytime it will serve as a place to escape the direct rays of the sun and at night the pretty lights will take them to distant corners of our galaxy.

Fortune Teller - John Cheney

A Fortune Teller machine from some primitive arcade that never existed will bekon you over to hear your fortune. You push the button. The machine lights up, rubs it's crystal ball, and tells you about your future. The voice might sound familiar. It will be someone at the event, and the fortune will be relevant to you! Synchronicity? Perhaps.. or the secret fortune telling circuit works!