Art Project Registration (Non Art Grant) ** CLOSED **


Questions should be directed to appropriate Lead: Art: Conchita - Fire: RJag - Flame Effects: Coop

Art Surprises? Help us avoid last minute chaos by letting us know who you are, what you're bringing and what you might need for a successful installation. Planning might seem like something reserved for the default world, but a little order can make a BIG difference in everyone's burn. If you plan on bringing an art installation to Decompression, please take a few moments to register your Art Project.
  The THEME for Decompression 2016 is....Mis(s)Communication

Once upon a more (or less) enlightened time, a grand event was announced to be held in a far away land known as Area 51. All of the villagers were invited to attend, including and especially the fairest ladies of the land; Mis(s)Voluptuous, Mis(s)Innocent and Mis(s)Purfection, along with their jubilant step-sister Mis(s)Communication, who was enticed by the prospect of radical inclusion. She volunteered to arrange their gowns and accessories. The first sister requested a criss cross corset to display her curvaceous figure, the second sister a pair of righteously raised boots that would accentuate her lovely legs, and the third a hat made of fur to express her innermost purrfectness.

Mis(s)Communication was careful in taking their exact measurements and ideas to relay to the town’s haberdasher, cobbler and tailer. However, in her enthusiasm to bestow these gifts upon her sisters, she mistook one for the other and the results were quite miscalculated. On the morning of the grand event, the special garments were delivered free of labels and of charge. With great enthusiasm the sisters ripped open the boxes only to find that the corset was fit for a blooming teen, the boots were two different colors with flat heals, and the hat was made of horse hair, far from her dreams of displaying her inner Cheetah.

All for a little too much enthusiasm and not enough attention, things appeared to be quite disastrous. Fortunately these were not your typical evil step-sisters, instead they were adventurous and saw this as a call for creativity and self expression. They enlisted the help of the town crier to invite all villagers, men and women alike, to participate in a mismatched pageant. Despite short notice, they accepted the immediacy of the situation and stepped into action. What transpired is left known to only to those who attended, LNT...