Come out to Witch Wells located outside Sanders, AZ and join us for 4 days of large scale art, music, performance art, and interactive participation. The AZBurners are an interactive group of artists, performers, musicians and participants of the Burning Man event that takes place in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

arrow Event Co-Leads: Scotto - Conchita  
arrow Ranger Lead: Ranger Hermione - Smitty  
arrow Medical Lead:  
arrow Large Scale Sound:  
arrow LNT leads:  
arrow Art Lead: Conchita  
arrow Gate/Greeters Lead: Serpico  
arrow Placement Lead:  
arrow Fire Lead: RJag  
arrow Flame Effects Lead: Coop  
arrow Regional Contact: Scott Platsky aka Scotto  
arrow Contact Web Master: Scotto  
arrow Will Call List Changes: Scotto