Arizona-New Mexico Decompression is located in the east central part of the state.  The last 3 miles are un-maintained dirt roads. The road is rough but passable with a sedan. That last 3 miles will take you at least 15 minutes to drive. The road is rough and rutted so go slow, pay attention so you don't bottom out and you will do fine.

The easiest way to get to Arizona-New Mexico Decompression (Witch Wells) - Download PDF

I-17 North to I-40 East - 177 Miles
Take Exit 339 for US 191 S towards St. Johns - 143 Miles
Follow Hwy 191 South about 26 miles to the Hwy 191 and Hwy 61 junction.

From St. Johns, head North about 25 miles to the Hwy 191 and Hwy 61 junction.

The dirt road into Arizona-New Mexico Decompression will be exactly due west of where HWY 61 from New Mexico joins Hwy 191.

There is a red painted Bar and Liquor store at the Junction called Witch Well Tavern. Hwy 61 enters Arizona from the East, connecting to Hwy191 at Witch Well Tavern. Turn West onto a dirt road where Hwy 61 & Hwy191 join.

There is a large road sign along the fence with "Sanders" and "St Johns" and highway numbers mounted on it where 61 connects to 191. That sign is where you enter the dirt road, the road is right next to those signs.

We welcome you to use the tavern to buy ice or booze, but it is expensive. There is NO food, water, public phone or gas at Witch Well Tavern. We ask if you do that you DO NOT indicate you are from our gathering or invite Bar Patrons to Arizona Decompression or ask them for directions. If you find yourself at the Tavern just look westward at the intersection. You will see highway signs on the fence across the road. This is where the dirt road begins to take you to our gathering.

After entering the dirt road:

Once you enter the dirt road heading due west from the bar you will see a ranch house on the right hand side. THIS IS NOT where our gathering is held. Keep bearing to the left on the road.

There will be signs, so please follow them. There will be a curve in the road about a mile down that makes a sharp right. Just after that you will pass another Ranch House on the left hand side. Again, DO NOT stop there, just keep going and follow the signs another 2 miles. It will be well marked. The last turn will be left at a street sign that says "Naturist Way". Turn left at that sign and go about 500 yards up the road and you will be at the event. There is another ranch house just after you turn left onto Naturist Way.  DO NOT enter that property.

It is extremely important to the future of Decompression that you do not trespass or enter any property on this dirt road other than where the event is held. Freaky looking people entering their land will likely not be welcomed warmly. You are just as likely to get a shotgun shoved in your face as a warm handshake if you trespass. There have been no problems with the neighbors in the past and we want to keep it that way. We have been good about leaving them alone. We want to respect their privacy and be good neighbors so we can continue our gathering at this location.