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Tickets for Arizona-New Mexico Decompression 2016 - *** Ticket Sales Now CLOSED ***

DO NOT show up without having purchased a Ticket   If you are not on the Will Call List you will not be allowed entry to the event.
*** NO GATE SALES - No Refunds ***

Come out to Witch Wells and join us for 4 days of large scale art, music, performance art, and interactive participation. The AZBurners are an interactive group of artists, performers, musicians and participants of the Burning Man event that takes place in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

We create community through creative interaction and a gift economy. We don't hire entertainment. You are the entertainment! Participation is Mandatory - No spectators! Be yourself or be someone else! Arizona-New Mexico Decompression is what the participants create within the customs and courtesies of a gift economy and radical self expression.

So what can you expect at Decompression? Radical self expression, spontaneous creativity, and unique social interaction. This happens within a gift economy and desert living conditions where you must provide everything you need to survive and nothing is for sale. You will see art work and performance not seen anywhere else.

What to Bring to Decompression?

    Back of the Ticket Text  
As a ticket holder you agree to all the conditions on this ticket to gain entry to the property and Arizona Decompression! You agree that you are willingly entering this property and event at your own risk.
Arizona-New Mexico Decompression is, an interactive community of artists, performers, musicians and participants creating both and small large scale art on private land.
This is a private event on private property and is not open to the general public. Those under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian at least 21 years of age to be with them at the gate when they check in.   Those under the age of 13 will not need to purchase a ticket but MUST be on the Will Call List. Make sure that you let us know scotto(at)burningman(dot)org the Gender & Age of your child.  All Will Call changes can be submitted to scotto(at)burningman(dot)org. We reserve the right to deny anyone access to the property and Decompression or demand they leave for any reason.
You agree that you are 100 percent responsible for your camp, your personal well being, personal property and your pets at all times. There is no water, food or fuel within 25 miles of this property. There is also no power or phones on this property. You must come prepared with food, water, shelter, warm clothing and bedding and anything else you need to survive during this event. Please make sure to review our DOG POLICY.
The nature of this event, the property, the unique interactive art, the rapidly changing weather conditions, and venomous creatures that inhabit the area may contain natural or man made hazards. These may cause serious personal injury or death. You agree to release the event producers, property owners, staff, rangers, and organizers from any liability or responsibility should you be injured, sustain property damage or die while attending this event. This Release of Liability agreement includes you releasing us from any and all claims from surviving family or heirs.
You agree that all images video and film making are for Personal Use Only. No commercial use of images allowed without a signed written agreement from the event organizers and the people shown in the images. Advertising or offering any items or services for sale is prohibited. This is a Lave No Trace event. Pack it in Pack it out. Leave No Trace.
By purchasing a ticket to Arizona-New Mexico Decompression you agree to comply with our Fire Policy & Sound Policies.  

*** Ticket Sales Now CLOSED ***
WILL CALL LIST GOES FINAL SUNDAY OCTOBER 15TH - 9:00P - No Changes accepted after this Date/Time
Send Will Call List Changes to: Scotto(at)burningman(dot)org
DO NOT show up without having purchased a Ticket   If you are not on the Will Call List you will not be allowed entry to the event.
*** NO GATE SALES - No Refunds ***