What To Bring


  Arizona-New Mexico Decompression is not for the faint of heart or the unprepared. By purchasing your Ticket, you are agreeing to assume full responsibility for your health, safety and well-being. You will also be expected to respect the environment and Leave No Trace.

At the bare minimum, each participant MUST bring:
  arrow 2 gallons of water per person per day
  arrow Water Bottle
  arrow Enough food to survive in the wilderness for the entire time, and the means to prepare it independently of any infrastructure
  arrow Clothing appropriate to hot days and cool nights
  arrow Eating utensils, as well as a plate, bowl and cups
  arrow Tent, with adequate preparations for intense sun and rain
  arrow Bedding
  arrow Suntan lotion and a hat or umbrella
  arrow Headlight
  arrow Pocket knife or multitool
  arrow Towel
  arrow Garbage bags (you are responsible for the disposal of ALL your trash. Pack it in, pack it out!)
  It is also strongly recommended, for your personal comfort and hygiene, that you bring the following:
  arrow Portable chairs/other seating
  arrow Biodegradable soap (Dr. Bronner's or similar)
  arrow Paper towels
  arrow Sanitary wipes/wetnaps
  arrow Backpack or festival belt
  But of course, if we all just brought the bare minimum, it wouldn't be Saguaro Man, would it? Saguaro Man is a celebration of gifting, self-expression, participation, arts, music, and fun. Here are some strongly recommended items to take with you on your adventure:
  arrow Costumes! Let your imagination run wild. Different kinds for different occasions are strongly encouraged...the more and the wilder, the better!
  arrow Glowsticks and EL wire
  arrow Toys, musical instruments, and props
  arrow Tasty libations and spirits
  arrow Delicious meals and food to share
  arrow Crafts, trinkets, jewelry and shiny things to gift